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Managed Software Development

Let's face it. Managing developers is like herding cats and you have more valuable ways to spend your time. Hiring developers from Auxiliary Teams isn't hiring contractors that you still have to manage and supervise. You get a team leader who is your organization's single point of contact. This team leader is the technical architect who designs a cohesive system and ensures all code merged into the production repository adheres to that vision. With managed software development, you manage the ideas, we manage the development. Read More On Our Blog

Team Augmentation or Virtual CTO

We have two types of clients: those who have technical experts on staff and those who do not. For the first type, our role is typically team augmentation. We work within the existing framework established by the organization (language, platform, methodology) to provide additional capacity. These clients are typically victims of their own success; they have too many happy customers giving them too much profitable work. We augment their team to help get more done.

Our other type of clients have limited or no internal technical expertise. For these clients, our role typically expands into an advisory role. Not only do we do the work, which might include taking responsibility for existing systems or developing new systems, our clients rely on us to provide vision and strategic thinking to make the best technical decisions for the future of the organization. In this capacity, the Auxiliary team leader is playing the role of a virtual CTO.

Whether you need extra hands to get the job done or technical strategy and leadership, we can help. Send us a message to start the conversation.

Any Code, Any Platform


We have completed enterprise-grade projects in all of the major programming languages including C#, Java, Python, C / C++, Visual Basic .NET, PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript.

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We have completed enterprise-grade projects utilizing a variety of backend data engines including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, DynamoDB, and MongoDB.

Microsoft SQL Server


Whether your project runs on Windows or Linux, is embedded on a device, or is a mobile app, we have done it before and we can help. Whether deployed to on-premise hardware or the Cloud, we have done that too. Put our experience to work for you.

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