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John Steele

Founder and CEO

I am an Agile software development team leader and engineer but, ultimately, I am a systems builder. I build software faster, cheaper, and better using the methods and skills I’ve honed over my 20+ years in software development. As an INTJ "Architect," my passion is building and improving systems for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. I do so using creativity, logic, observation, strategic thinking, and determination. I pride myself on the ability to digest difficult and complex situations and convert them into clear and actionable strategies. I can filter out the noise of a situation, identify core threads, and weave together a system that is at once beautifully intricate and stunningly simple.

"Software development is a landscape fraught with peril. Whether we do business or not, anyone making this journey has a seat at my table and I offer you my network and expertise to aide your pilgrimage."

Here are a few of the incredible opportunities I’ve had (download my resume for all the gory details):

  • Built a bleeding-edge Hotspot 2.0 / Passpoint Wi-Fi authentication solution to service Starwood Hotels and Resorts. You can install a single profile on your mobile device and have secure and blazing fast Wi-Fi the moment you walk into any participating property.

  • Built a platform for Hilton Hotels to centrally manage their guest Internet services. This platform is expected to become the new flagship product of Eleven Software.

  • Built an 802.1x authentication solution to service Marriott Hotels. The user interface for this solution has seen 562 days of continuous uptime with no outages or downtime for maintenance. The web services stack has seen 246 days of continuous uptime. The 802.1x RADIUS backend system has uptime performance of 99.98% or better since its inception in 2015.

  • Built the system that captures all White House email, formats it, and transmits the information to the National Archives and Records Administration for permanent inclusion in U.S. history. Completed the project at a quarter of the cost of the previously failed Lockheed Martin contract.

Here are the technologies I am experienced with and passionate about:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP), The Denver Method, Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, ReactJS
  • SQL Server, DynamoDB, MySQL, MongoDB, RDBMS, NoSQL, Elasticsearch, ELK, Big Data
  • Python, Flask
  • Web Services, API-First, REST, Swagger, Connexion
  • DevOps, Continuous Integration, Jenkins
  • High Availability, Disaster Recovery
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Microsoft .NET, C#, VB.NET, NUnit, WatiN
  • Java, Ruby, PHP

Here's what I will be doing in the next 1-2 years:

  • Publish a book on Agile. Specifically, adapting Agile to the global workforce and fixing inefficiencies in what has become the common implementation of Agile.
  • Become an attorney at law.
  • Become a hub of creativity and innovation in Denver.

And finally, here’s what I love to do in all of my free time:

  • I play pro-level poker on the world’s biggest stage. See John Steele's WSOP Player Profile.
  • Doubles sand or grass volleyball.
  • Snowboarding (and skiing as soon as my son is old enough to take lessons with me.)

  • Email:
  • Phone: (303) 416-6446
  • Visit: Denver, Colorado