What is Managed Software Development?

Let’s face it. Managing developers is like herding cats and you have more valuable ways to spend your time. Hiring developers from Auxiliary Teams isn’t hiring contractors that you still have to manage and supervise. You get a team leader who is your organization’s single point of contact. This team leader is the technical architect who designs a cohesive system and ensures all code merged into the production repository adheres to that vision. With managed software development, you manage the ideas, we manage the development.

Managed Software Development

We follow a surgical team model, as described in the Denver Method. The model is that a single individual, a highly talented and experienced developer, is the head of the team and responsible for every line of code put into the project. That individual is surrounded by a team of great developers who also write production-ready code but all of that code is presented to the team leader for acceptance. On a surgical team, the head surgeon is responsible for every incision. One primary reason for this is to make sure the action takes place in light of all other information. The other team members might not perceive the full situation or might not be experienced enough to recognize the interaction between two different and seemingly unrelated activities. The head surgeon has the experience to assimilate all of the information together into a cohesive picture and the ability to visualize hidden pitfalls before they occur. We believe following this model in software development also reaps similar benefits resulting in greatly increased code quality.

When hiring a typical software contractor, the managing company has to closely supervise the individual. Contractors are usually hired only into an existing software development infrastructure. On the other hand, managed software development can fit into an existing infrastructure, with much lower supervision requirements, and can also fit into a company that has no infrastructure for software development and can provide immediate benefit without significant ramp-up time.

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